Google's Autodraw - like Autocorrect for art


I came across an article yesterday mentioning about Google’s new Autodraw product that allows people who can’t draw or need to create something quickly without paying for stock clipart images.

It seems to work a bit like a spell checker for art. Draw something crude and it will give a range suggestions of what you’re trying to draw.

Here’s my embarrassing attempt at trying to draw a tiger face: :confused:

Click a ‘Do you mean:’ suggestion icon and much better: :tiger:

For anyone curious on giving it a go, the website is

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any way of exporting a vector file, however, it can export a bitmap PNG file of your creation.


Wow, that looks interesting!

I wonder is it just substituting pre-drawn shapes or is there something cleverer going on there?

Time for some fun! :slight_smile:


After trying to a few tiger attempts, it seems to be picking pre-drawn shapes, although it did give a Lion as one suggestion. :lion_face:

Although it gives pre-drawn shapes as suggestions, I am surprised how accurately it picks up what I’m trying to draw. For example, consider the following crude drawing of me trying to draw a piano with my mouse:

The following are the first few suggestions that poped up - Two musical keyboards, a grand piano and three typing keyboards.

Once the shape is inserted, it can be coloured in with the fill tool. In the following, I tried two attempts of an owl (got several different owl suggestions), another tiger (which only gave that one tiger shape), a frog, a garden hose and the above piano:


Google’s image recognition is very good though, and it’s something they use already for their search by image function, so I suppose line drawings are even easier to analyse.

I tried it with a hand drawn version of the mathematical symbol for not equal to (≠) and it came up with all sorts of weird but interesting suggestions. :slight_smile:

It’s a pity it doesn’t take what you’ve actually drawn then straighten the lines and smooth the curves etc. as that would also be very useful.

Still very clever though. :iagree: