Google working on new Fuchsia OS for smartphones and desktops

We’ve just posted the following news: Google working on new Fuchsia OS for smartphones and desktops[newsimage][/newsimage]

Google is working on a new operating system that targets modern phones and modern personal computers with fast processors, non-trivial amounts of ram with arbitrary peripherals doing open ended computation.

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Not that I am going to enjoy it more than any other OS (I will forever be where the users are), but if they take it further, they may challenge the establishment of the day in computing.

Competition is always good and MS definitely needs some competition in the desktop OS area.

In other words, Google is taking LK, adding bloated code, in hopes of developing a bloated OS. Somehow I doubt this will have any real-world advantage over lightweight GNU/Linux distros.

On top of which, if Android is any indication, Fuchsia will probably be heavily tied into Google’s advertising network, which means no one can escape Google’s cyber-stalking without disconnecting from the internet (unless the Electronics Frontier Foundation’s lawsuit against the anti-circumventions of the DMCA bears fruit).