Google will degrade Flash Player user experience even more in Chrome 69

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Google will make changes to the next version of Chrome that will make it harder to use Adobe’s Flash Player. Currently, Chrome users can change a setting that provides a website access to the built-in Flash Player after which the website is whitelisted until the user revokes the permission.

good riddance

If anyone still needs to use flash, then:

First off, my condolences.

Second off, here are some browsers you can still use: Pale Moon, Basilisk, and SeaMonkey. All three browsers should still support NPAPI, giving them support for Flash Player, and any other NPAPI plugins you might need.

…except that, unfortunately, with the demand curtailed by lack of mainstream FF support, there is little to incentive for developers to continue to update existing NPAPI extensions or develop new ones.

Who said anything about making new extensions? This is just for people who visit websites that have yet to switch away from existing extensions.

On a semi-related note: I used to work as an office assistant at a day spa. We had some records which - for whatever reason - could only be accessed via Internet Explorer. The intranet website was never updated to support Firefox, Chrome/Chromium, or anything other than Internet Explorer. Now, if this required Flash Player, that would probably have made it even harder to use (because Flash Player sucks).

Why did I mention this? I mentioned it because It’s not hard (for me, at least) to imagine other companies that do still rely on Flash for some internal webpages. I hope these companies will update their webpages soon, but if they don’t, these browsers have you covered.