Google Watch - when "idols" go down

Just read what GoogleWatch has to say about google, made me have 2nd thoughts about a thing or two.

Maybe we should suggest another search engine to our members when they ask questions easily found in the web, but somehow suggesting “Allthewebing” doesnt really sound as good as “googling” does :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s nice to know my personal info are stored on google’s dbase. Who is to say Alltheweb isn’t doing the same thing? Would you believe it if they are telling you no? I don’t think so.

Knowing google’s dirty little secret won’t bring them down, nor steer the millions and millions of google users from going to the familiar google front page every freaking day. Everybody knows MS’s dirty little secrets, yet Bill Gates is still the riches mofo in US…

Want to bring down a giant corp? Keep trying… :Z

Cleaning your cookies regurarly and not using the Google toolbar is a good way of keeping yourself “private”.
I still like Google, it finds stuff :slight_smile:
And the cache is lovely.

But Alltheweb looks nice too (light-blue is nice) :slight_smile:

google has a frontpage? i’ve been using “g (whatever)” for so long with opera :wink: