Google warns Chrome users more than 250 million times per month for malicious websites

Google warns its Chrome users more than 250 million times per month for websites that contain malware, deceptive phishing sites or other dangerous pages, according to the company on its blog. The browser uses to Google Safe Browsing to protect users.

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I also find google safe browsing can also be part of the problem as well since they will be the gate keeper what site you can go and see. So unless they can provide some kinda check and balances I always wonder when something says “safe” how safe are they really keeping us?

A valid concern, indeed. However, that’s not the only thing that should concern everyone: how does a browser check to see if a website is “malicious” or not? Does the browser submit a list of EVERY URL the user visits? Does Google keep this data forever? If the browser just downloads and saves a local copy of a list of “bad” websites, and checks against a said local copy of said list, that’s not really a threat to privacy. But, if the browser queries Google’s servers everytime someone types a URL or clicks a link, that is completely horrible.