Google TV to take on all kinds of set-tops



I just posted the article Google TV to take on all kinds of set-tops.

Google didn’t announce a revolutionary product in Google TV, but it nonetheless seems like an idea that’s long overdue.

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I also thought the translation feature was pretty damn cool. Using Google TV, you can get real-time closed captions text for any language that Google translate supports. That is pretty awesome.


Awesome, sure, but ‘ere does ‘t end? If ‘tisnt Apple tryin' t' ram iDildos down our throats, 'tis Google tryin' t' put ads in our dreams. I jus' be havin' t' say that I wish I could go aft in time t' 1200 AD where life be simpler. Argh, that part about crappin' into a bucket dasn't excite me. Maybe Ill brin’ a few rolls o’ toilet paper wi’ me in th’ time machine.

[Whew. This pirate speak sure is hard work.]