Google to provide a broadband speed test in search results

We’ve just posted the following news: Google to provide a broadband speed test in search results[newsimage][/newsimage]

Google has partnered with M-Lab in what appears to be an upcoming search result feature for measuring one’s Internet connection speed

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Unfortunately that is in big metropolis not the countryside or rural areas that would most benefit from this. If they did that this would be world shattering and force local and Big data/voice the likes of Comcast and company are forced into a coming reality check. But until that happens for all the google fiber that is that just vaporware and only those metropolis will get the benefits not the rural parts.

With Three 4G at the moment (peak time congestion), there’s again a drastic difference between what Ookla Speedtest and others are reporting, including actual transfers.

Heanet (Higher Education Authority network) is what many network technicians recommend testing against here in Ireland as they are a major open mirror of Linux distros and various other open source applications:

The above works out about 6.5Mbps. M-Lab returned a little better:

Netflix’s runs its test multi-threaded, which squeezes extra throughput over the congested 4G connection. So the following is what can be achieved with a multi-part download manager on this connection:

Finally Ookla’s Sure, if I want a test result to brag about… :wink: