Google to pack Adobe Flash Player in Chrome



I just posted the article Google to pack Adobe Flash Player in Chrome.

Adobe’s Flash Player will soon be fused with the Google Chrome Web browser, in a move that looks like an affront to Apple’s Flash-hating ways.

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Good. I hate having to install 20 different things. I think Chrome should come with the following:

  • Flash
  • Porn

That’s my wish list for now.

Give me ambiguity or give me something else.


That is good or bad news?
After all we still need to install flashblock.


Flashblock for Chrome:


Apple is correct that Flash is a hell of a resource hog. Abode should have gotten their act together with respect to optimizing their player, making their “codecs” more efficient, use GPU acceleration etc…

One thing I will give Apple, at least they are promoting open standards by promoting HTML5 and H.264 etc…, whereas Flash is a proprietary format that benefits Adobe and not many others.


I like this move. 90% of people are going to want Adobe Flash on their browser anyway, so bundling it in benefits the majority. I do think, however, that they need to have a removal/disable option for those who don’t want it.

I love Chrome!