Google tests ‘phoneless’ payments through manual and automated facial recognition



We’ve just posted the following news: Google tests ‘phoneless’ payments through manual and automated facial recognition[newsimage][/newsimage]

Google has developed a method that allows users to pay with the combination of a smartphone app and facial recognition. The method, called Hands Free, makes it possible for users to keep their phone in their pocket.

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A potential security threat it could become. How this develops is what will determine that and so it is too early to go into details.

On a short term basis, it will potentially give Google a wast library of faces attached to personal data no matter if they stress that [I]all pictures taken by the camera are immediately deleted[/I]. I find such a comment nowhere near reassuring from Google in light of the rest of their privacy trespassing policies.

Google is NOT your friend.


Google is NOT your friend.

Neither is Facebook and look how many love it :frowning:

Just more sheep to the slaughter


Are we so lazy that we can´t even reach our pocket to get our phone or credit card?
Well… it started with the keyless system on cars, some time in the future we will be fed by some machine so that we can be doing more important things at the same time, maybe posting our dinner on facebook…


I really don’t know what the human race is coming to, my driver less car opened it’s door because it recognised my body odour (we are all unique) sat me down and strapped me in securely. It then drove me to the local Maccy Ds drive through and ordered 4 big macs, 4 large fries 16 drinks and left a tip for the server all by looking at my face! it then took me to a local car park found a suitable place and proceeded to feed all of the huge meal.

It automatically cleaned up what I threw up and after 50 minutes it paid the £10 a minute car park fee via the face recognition software. Then it drove me home via the garage to fill up with hydrogen and my chops paid for it again, another £200

It took me home the pretty way via Scotland and the scenic root back to London. Parked in my space, paid for the weekly £50 residents parking fee (body odour again) and unstrapped me, opened the door, wished me a nice day and hoped I had enjoyed the experience.

As I got out the door closed on my fingers breaking them. The cars auto injury sensor realised I was hurt and grabbed me back in belted me up again and took me to the nearest accident and emergency room.

I was rapidly ejected and my face was scanned again the doors opened. I went in. My body was scanned and after the disembodied voice told me I was eating far too much fast food, it decided I needed to place my hand in a round hole in the wall where a load of quick setting plastic was sprayed on my busted fingers, then a slip of paper came out of a slot told me the plastic now solid, would come off when my hand had healed in around 9 weeks.
Then another slip came out with a bill for £3000 hospital charges. you guessed it, paid for by my face again.

I walked home after that, of course I was followed by that idiot car trying to persuade me it was safer for me to ride home in it, Like hell I would! after all I was just walking past my all seeing all knowing car to visit my neighbour!

Thanks oogel your tech is fan…err… **** :wink:


How long before someone asks us to choose between the red pill or the blue one?


Don’t worry, the photo of you is deleted… roughly one nanosecond [I]after[/I] it’s been transmitted to home base. So, I guess it goes without saying that I won’t be jumping on this bandwagon any time soon.

VoxSmart: KEK! That was a great story! I sure hope it wasn’t real.

OldDancer: Why wait for someone to offer you the choice? Take the red pill now, rid yourself of proprietary software, treat all websites and web services with suspicion, and don’t forget to use TOR. :flower: