Google security engineer: Android is now equally secure as iPhone

We’ve just posted the following news: Google security engineer: Android is now equally secure as iPhone[newsimage][/newsimage]

Google’s Android is equally secure as Apple’s iOS and will even be more secure soon, according to Adrian Ludwig, director of security at Android, in an interview with Vice Magazine. “For almost all threat models they are nearly identical in terms of their platform-level capabilities,” he added.

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Yeah, right. Lets hear from the security experts and not Google.Â
What I would believe is: "All the private data we have hoarded from you over the years is kept as secure as an iPhone. You know, all the data, SMS messages, search history, web browsing behavior, emails, notes etc. that we have gathered from you, its is kept very secure. I mean we can’t afford to lose it or the NSA and FBI can’t have it when the want it on a whim."
That sounds more like the Google that I know.

Is Android really that bad? As insecure as iOS I mean

Just ask members of “La Presse” in Montreal how secure either is!

Kind of a stupid statement to make due to the fact that nothing is secure, but I guess if you state that it is secure as something that isn’t secure you are not misleading anybody. :confused::eek::confused: