Google researcher urges Apple to change iOS security culture


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Apple should better secure iOS, because victims of targeted attacks are increasingly iPhone users, according to Google security researcher Ian Beer in a presentation during the Black Hat conference currently held in Las Vegas. In the last couple of years, Beer reported more than 30 iOS vulnerabilities to Apple.


Wow am I no more suprised then the next Android user. I think Apple has this culture problem we don’t get hacked nor will we admit to being hacked. This is the mindset of Apple keep blaming Windows and no one will look at you. That isn’t working in this day of instant attacks.


Excited to see that.


It seems hard to say for sure whether Google is full of cr@p or not. Since IOS is a huge competitor to Android, Google has ample motivation to make it sound like IOS is less secure than it is. On the flip side, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Google is lying. I dunno. If you have an IOS device, be skeptical. If you have an Android device, be skeptical. Likewise for Windows and MacOS. Even more so for IoT devices, including those meant to plug into your TV (AppleTV, Roku, etc.).