Google reports decrease in malware on its Android Play Store

The amount of malware that was found in apps listed on the Google Play Store has been decreased compared to 2015. Google reports the numbers on its blog where it also sums up the new security measures the company has taken in 2016 to protect its mobile operating system Android.

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This is one of the reasons that I’ve aways stuck to Android devices that are most frequently updated, such as Google’s own Nexus range.

I think it will improve things dramatically though, and increase my choice of devices, if they make it easier for other companies to roll out security updates.

I guess software that uses malicious ads to track and report everything you do to home base doesn’t count as malware, because that seems to be the majority of what the apps on Google Play do. Of course, not every apps on Google Play is evil, but far too many are.

Yeah, I’ve seen relatively high profile games that demand access to everything, even mobile phone numbers!

Needless to say I won’t install stuff like this on any of my devices.

Good for you. Don’t give these clowns anything without making them pry it from your cold dead hands!

I do think they also prey on younger people to a certain extent though, as peer pressure to have the latest game or app is bound to make a lot of kids ignore the proivacy implications.