Google reduces Chrome memory usage up to 50%

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An upcoming update for Chrome should make the browser consume less RAM, Google claims it reduced the memory consumption up to 50% compared to an earlier version. The improvements come with Chrome 55 which is scheduled for December this year.

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Yes!!! I don’t use Chrome (Google dropped support for 32-bit GNU/Linux systems. Also, I don’t trust Google.), but I do occasionally need Chromium for certain websites. Everytime I launch Chromium, I go through my system’s processes to kill whatever I can, since that’s the only way I’ll be able to run Chromium on only 2GB or RAM.

It seems quite rare to me for commercial software developers to attempt to reduce the consumption of RAM. Rather, I typically see them increase the RAM consumption because they can.

All we need now is for developers of other browsers to take notice. Although Firefox doesn’t use too much RAM (compared to current versions of Chromium), I’m still not happy with what it does consume.