Google pushes GPU optimization, 3D support in new Chroma beta



Google pushes GPU optimization, 3D support in new Chroma beta.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Maintaining its quick release schedule for Chrome, Google has pushed out an open beta for the browser's next major update. GPU enhancements for quicker Canvas-based software performance and a 3D nod to folks still running on older operating systems are the two major improvements available now for willing test subjects.

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Not for me I take my install over the internet anytime to use my own software when ever and where ever and if I don’t have internet I still have my apps to run and do as I please. People seem to forget not every where you have internet or wifi or have access. I learn that if you want to do what you want you have to learn and take time to run your own programs and not wait for others to give you what they want. You want to do or have something you have to go and make the effort. Cloud is only as good if you are connected 24/7 but when there is no Cloud aka server Farm your up a creek. Plus FF10 and IE9 works just fine for me and hint most if not many places on the internet use IE programing so you will need to use IE no matter to access certain feature something lacking in FF and Chrome. So for those pushing Chrome they need to address the problem or else they will just fall by the way side. M$ still controls the O/S and chrome need to address this or die by the wayside…