Google Play Music app update has music stuck in mono

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The latest Google Play Music app has a glitch that results in most music being streamed with mono sound, while downloaded music continues to play in stereo.

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Um… how does something like this happen? I can’t imagine Google is stupid enough to do this on purpose. However, I also can’t see how someone would do this on accident either. For Google to just randomly stream in mono is truly baffling.

Indeed it is a rather bizarre issue. When I first tried my headphones and noticed the lack of stereo, I was starting to wonder whether my phone developed a fault as I had one previous phone where the headphone socket would intermittently switch between stereo and mono depending on how I touched the headphones jack. However, after flicking through several songs and landing on the odd song that did fully play in stereo, I realised it was the app. Sure enough, when I tried the songs that played in mono on my PC’s web browser on Google Play Music, they all played in stereo, so at least I knew the music in their library was in stereo.

I also can’t quite figure out how they managed to introduce a bug that causes it to mix the channels together to play in mono, unless they were working on some retro “mono sound” feature that unintentionally made it into the release enabled. At the moment, I’m happy using the phone’s older factory installed version that at least plays music in stereo. :wink:

Apparently a few days later, they silently released a minor update with bug fixes:

You can probably guess what the bug fix does - Brings back stereo sound. :wink:

As Google Music caches the songs it streams, I would imagine that those who played music with the buggy version will need to clear the App cache for Google Music to remove the cached mono songs.