Google patents ‘Adwords for Streetview’

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With some advice from member coolcolors I recently added to & started getting more use of my host file. It seems to block a lot of adds. I hope it blocks most of these adds as well. If not maybe the host file site will do an update that will.
The article stated that Google didn’t want to block any important area of the streetview. As far as I’m concerned that would be any of it.

Although ads are a bit annoying, I don’t see any reason why a few street view adds are a bad thing. However…

”The user profile may store information such as, for example, previous searches conducted by the user, websites visited by the user, the location of the user, and demographic information about the user. When the user chooses to view a photographic image of a geolocation, advertisement module may utilize the user’s profile to retrieve a targeted advertisement.”

I always hate being reminded that I’m being spied on.

PS: Software patents are evil.

[QUOTE=TSJnachos117;2729574]I always hate being reminded that I’m being spied on.[/QUOTE] Ignorance is bliss, huh?! :wink: