Google Nexus 4 Phone



I currently have an older Android 2.3.6 phone which I’m thinking about rooting with CM, but what I really want is a new Nexus 4.

The problem I’m faced with is the fact that Google totally screwed up when the product was launched (Google has always been lousy at ecommerce), and it took them and LG over six months to get their inventory in shape so that more than just a few people could buy one (…at the regular, non-usurious price).

Now that you can buy one easily, it’s been so long that a thousand other products have been released, and now it seems somewhat risky to buy it when a new model could come out at any time and usurp it. Sigh.

Anyone else facing this dilemma?


I have a Nexus 4, purchased around Feb or March, if memory serves. LOVE it! Absolutely love the Nexus 4. It was great on stock Jelly Bean (4.2.2) and even better on SaberMod ROM (rooted, of course) and the kernel that comes with SaberMod is great on battery life, performance is excellent, and very smooth. I have zero complaints with my Nexus and if it broke, I would immediately purchase another.


It’s the best phone ever!


Google Nexus 4 was based on LG Optimus G and Google Nexus 5 is based on LG Optimus G2. The phone I have beside me right now is LG Optimus G Pro, something between G and G2.

G < G Pro < GT < G2 < G3

Google Nexus 5 costs about US$400 in South Korea while LG’s own G2 costs about US$1,000. The two phones are very similar. LG actually loses money by selling Nexus 5 to Google.

The “G” is the first letter in the family name Goo of LG business group.

That Nexus 5 picture’s linked from Chosun Ilbo of South Korea.