Google Mistake - or is it a mistake?

1.) go to
2.) type in failure
3.) press the I’m feeling lucky button (instead of the google search one)
4). Laugh
5) Forward to others before the Google folks fix this!

Google is awesome.

i like google…but i do miss jeeves…he was so kind…

absolutely beeeeautiful

If you do “mass destruction” it comes up with a good one too.

Just in case it gets “Fixed”.

I’m feeling lucky takes you here.

googlism, just six months old or somewhat :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s not a flaw… They did that on purpose… (So why fix it?)

yes, it is an old (nice :slight_smile: ) story… it is called “Google bombing”, and it is essentially a manipulation of the search engine made by a group of people on the net.

Look e.g. at this article (dated Dec 7, 2003). It worked for some time also in Italy (failure -> fallimento, Bush -> Berlusconi :bigsmile: ), but then it was “fixed” in some way… (and currently Berlusconi’s Curriculum Vitae is at 2nd place :bigsmile: )


Very nice and funny. I believe there are quite a few queries that give funny results like this. Gotta love that stuff :slight_smile:

Funny, I think the democratic party is a bunch of failures.

Too bad all that effort couldn’t have gone towards something productive. After a while it becomes tiresome to listen to those who are always whining.