Google, Microsoft and Mozilla cooperate on new open video standard



We’ve just posted the following news: Google, Microsoft and Mozilla cooperate on new open video standard[newsimage][/newsimage]

Several large tech companies including Google, Microsoft and Netflix have announced they will cooperate on a new open video standard. Together with Amazon, Cisco, Intel and Mozilla they’ve started the Alliance for Open Media.

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About bloody time! Will be extra bonus if all devices actually support this new video standard.
Been going nuts trying to put together 4K video demos for the TV’s we sell, one video plays on a
LG but not a Sony, another will play on last year’s Sony but not this year’s and on and on.


going nuts? Why, never heard of x265?


I do wonder if they will be working with and the IETF. and IETF have been working together for the last few years to create the Dalla video codec, which is intended to be one generation ahead of other codes, while being royalty free, patent free, and FOSS friendly. Although the codec is far from complete, it would still be logical for the aforementioned companies to build on the work that has already been done, rather than starting from scratch.