Google maps is kewl


#1 is a f#ck’n kewl feature…


Yeah… just looked up where I went on holidays back in 1999 :slight_smile:


This year it will also be active for europe…


That’s great. Now all I need is for it is to become accesable for my cellphone…


Does kewl mean cool ?

I remember when I played Quake during summer 2002… there was a 15-year-old girl which used it a lot. She was from Scotland if I’m not wrong.


I tried it out, but seems to be a lot better to me for driving directions.
Google does not give exit numbers and the detail is not quite as good IMO.
However, I do like the Satellite function on google…that is cool.


That’s the main reson I think it’s cool (kewl)…


Mapquest has sent me in the worng direction many a times. Have yet to use google maps, but when I do I won’t be surprised if they are right.