Google links to CDF dont take me there, just to a 1clickDVD ad?

I have been searching for some things today and I saw a few links via google for CDFreaks, but everytime I try to follow the link I end up at a page called

I have just had a go with 6 subject titles (and it looks like any I try) and every one starts (at the bottom of Firefox) to go to CDF but then turns out to be at the 1 click DVD page, if I view the cached page its the right one (CDF) but not via the link.

I cant see how this can be at my end because every other google link works fine, I just dont want this place getting a bad name because every link goes to an ad that you cant back out of. Here are a few links.

We are checking this out, Thanks for the heads up,
all seems normal for me.

In Portable Firefox I get a (blocked) popup when cclicking the first CDFreaks link in the first Google search. If I then use Options to show the popup, I get a new Tab visiting 1Click DVD Copy.

In the original Firefox Tab I can see that the first ad is for 1Click DVD Copy.

I am not logged in to CDFreaks in Firefox (visiting as a guest).

with Netscape all was fine

I am logged in when trying, and I am using the v2.003 version of FF, but not the latest update.

I will power up another computer that has version 1.5 of FF.

I have just turned off all ad blocking, CDF and most open source places are the few sites I do allow the adds ? but it made no change.


on my system this happens:
with Firefox with Adblock Plus installed, two tabs are opened. One is the “1click” ad, the other one is the thread I “searched” for.
Using Opera 9.21, only the CDF thread shows up, the “1click” ad is blocked.


I get a pop up block on both links but it sends me to CDF’s using FF

Using Slimbrowser v 4.09 build 006 the same thing.

Using IE7 same as the rest.

All send me here with a blocked pop up.

I get the same thing as rolling, Drage and Michael with FF :confused:

Something’s definitely up :wink:

Three cheers for Firefox popup blocking. I see the same behaviour with
Firefox and Konqueror. The page from CD Freaks contains the following

******** src=""
******** type=“text/javascript”>
_uacct = “UA-75914-3”;

<!-- ******** language=“JavaScript” src=“” type=“text/javascript”></script> -->

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<!--‘’) -->‘’)

I hope that displays as text :slight_smile:

This behaviour is part of our advertising policy. We try to give registered users as less ads as possible, while unregistered users receive all ads. This way we want to reward our loyal users and users who visit us for a quick answer (which is in 95% of all cases when coming from Google) pay for the server bills :slight_smile:

The odd thing is, when I visited the links in Google posted above, I was logged in to these pages, and yet still got the (blocked) pop-up. So I wasn’t a casual visitor or logged out or anything :slight_smile:

Edit: having said that, I think CDF strikes a nice balance with ads. :wink:

I am happy to see some ads, as said there are a few places that I allow most, if not all ads from… forums that I get a lot from (as here) and most open source places, and all that I use. We all know that in this life the bills need to get paid, its not the ad that I have a problem with, its the inability to get to the link I want from google.

To me its not such a big deal the CDF search works fine, I can find anything I want, what I have a problem with is others following a link from google, (I will check other search engines, but I think google is at the top of most peoples search engine list) and just see a full page ad that you cant [I]simply[/I] back out of and that person getting the wrong idea about CDF.

I have been playing round with my Firefox settings and config to rule in, or out my end/Firefox.

If I set [B]options/tabbed browsing/Java script popups[/B] to load these popups into existing windows to [B]NONE[/B] (I use All Popups normally, so I should just get the popup as another tab next to the link, I dont like stray windows) and use a google link I get the wanted CDF page and the 1clickDVD page in a new FF window, it does this if I am logged in or not, any other setting I just get the 1clickDVD page and no CDF.

Under [B]options/content/block popup windows[/B] I have cdfreaks allowed, now I am not any regex/PCRE expert but I understand that this should allow anything with cdfreaks in it to create popups. I have all of the Java Script FF settings allowed because I use the NoScript extension (I am going to put all of my FF plugs below just in case we can see something in common) and CDF is allowed, and the same with all CDF cookies. I have been turning off some extensions that might not help, and yes I do need to thin them down :slight_smile:

Generated: Tue Jun 12 2007 21:00:06 GMT+0100 (GMT Daylight Time)
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-GB; rv: Gecko/20070309 Firefox/
Build ID: 2007030919

Enabled Extensions: [20]

Disabled Extensions: [8]

I have fixed the issue that you still get ads when logged in as Arachne reported, while it’s not a real solution to what you are reporting Lenny, I think this should solve the problem for you :wink:

Thanks DoMi - I wasn’t concerned by it, just thought it was strange since I was logged in :wink:

I will do some more checks, but as said it was not a big deal for me per say, as said its more that I did not want fly-by google’rs to think CDF is just a spam trap, or not worth a second try or visit… because I think it is :bow: worth a return visit… er… I am going to stop that now.

Thanks for giving it a go, but I think that my Firefox settings could have something to do with it, I did get popups for the sites I allow, but did not (which I think was supposed to happen) get the 1click popup and the CDF page I wanted.

I now cant get any popups for any of the things I allow and the J script err. console has loads of errors in it that I will go thru later if wanted ? I will have to load in a backup copy via the FEBE extension which is as important as session saver IMO.

Its all working good now, thanks for sorting this out DoMiN8ToR.