Google launching own Browser Software - GBrowser!

Google is probably launching their own Browser Software. They have already taken the domain I came across this news on

Dude you beat me here by 3 minutes.

Not a great deal of information on this one at the moment. Looks like they want to take on Microsoft at there own game. Any chance of a Google O/S as well.

Nice, more competition is welcome :slight_smile:

Just keepin ya on your toes… :bigsmile:

Hey, you didn’t mention me anywhere. :sad: I posted that news.

Doesn’t matter though.

You beat Womble by 3 mins.

I beat you by a big margin. :wink:

One more thing xtacydima. What did you post from my Signature? I couldn’t see anything.

Actually I had to manually serach that site for the article. Couldn’t find it, Then forced Goggle to find within that website, finally got it.
I posted the same wording out of sheer laziness.

Oh and yes… darshanjog is the one who who initially guided me, via his sig, to the GBrowser NEWS!!!


I personally think that it is a good thing-


Gbrowser is going to be a Branded Mozilla Browser. At least thats what I have read on the internet. Don’t remember where.

from google’s “ten things”

  1. It’s best to do one thing really, really well.

Google does search. Google does not do horoscopes, financial advice or chat. With the largest research group in the world focused exclusively on solving search problems, Google knows what it does well and how it could be done better. Through continued iteration on difficult problems, Google has been able to solve complex issues that stymie others and provide continuous improvements to a service already considered the best on the web. Innovations like Google’s spell checker and the Google Toolbar, which enables users to search using Google from any website, make finding information a fast and seamless experience for millions of users. Google’s entire staff is dedicated to creating the perfect search engine and work tirelessly toward that goal.

is a beta version out? link doesnt work

ben :slight_smile:

You are absolutely right.

The link won’t work. The domain is just registered in the name of Google Inc. No version is out. No one even knows the stage of development. It’s too early say anything.

go to to read more about it. this one actually says that google has registered it. Sorry if this site was already posted

Wow! :eek:

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Wow, that makes sense. :wink:

I like Google and i’ll surely give this “gbrowser” a chanche!

Almost as clear as your Excel problem :stuck_out_tongue:

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