Google investigates issue with automatically logged out accounts -

An issue with Google accounts doesn’t seem to be security related, according to Google. Users around the world are reporting that they are automatically logged out from their Google account and that they have difficulties signing in again.

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Google seems strangely determined to say it’s users’ security was unaffected as many times as possible. If Google only said this a handful of times, I could accept that, but to place these notices everywhere just seems fishy to me. If a mega-corporation feels they absolutely need to say the same thing over and over and over, you should take it with a pinch of salt. Of course, that may just be Google taking extra steps to tell everyone exactly what happened, and *if* that’s the case, there’s nothing evil about that. Still…

And in what appears to be an un-related issue, I’ve been having trouble accessing GMail through IMAP. Apparently, Google implemented some new 2-factor feature that isn’t compatible with IMAP. Thus, I had to go into my settings and enable “less secure” apps, or access GMail through my browser (I may or may not forget to sign out, which means I could potentially leak all kind of info, which Google will happily link directly to me).