Google Instant censorship: Dangerous precedent or no big deal?

Google Instant censorship: Dangerous precedent or no big deal?.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Entertainment industry groups won a very small victory this week in their quest against piracy, as search giant Google created a filter preventing piracy-related terms from popping up in autocomplete as web surfers enter them in a Google Instant-enabled window.

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Google should disable this entire auto-complete, auto-suggest, auto-correct, auto-whatever stuff anyway. It’s simply annoying.

Apart from that, the search results are censored anyway. And [B]that [/B]is real censorship.


I always have auto-correct off … it tends towards interesting conversations like:

Sure enough, the ‘torrent’ word is gone from the auto-complete. From a test with a popular TV show, it now shows file hosting services like “Hotfile”, “Megavideo”, etc. as the auto-complete options.

I’m not sure how long it’ll be until Google are asked to get rid of these auto-complete terms also, but to the user looking for downloads, it currently makes it easier for them, since many downloader’s now much prefer direct downloads rather than the risky/tedious BitTorrent process.

My question is why aren’t people getting excited over Google giving favorite positioning to the people who bribe them to do it. I’m so sick of ebay trash popping up in my searches I could puke. If Google chooses to filter that is up to them. There is never gonna be a shortage of search engines and the world would do just fine without them. So Google may do what they wish and I when I get enough I’ll move on to the next engine. I just wonder how long it will be before some politician decides the library of congress should take over Internet searches in order to keep things all legal and clean.