Google increased Motorola offer by $3 billion

Google increased Motorola offer by $3 billion.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The emergence of regulatory documents surrounding the Google purchase of Motorola Mobility brings new details about that deal. One  point includes the fact that Google’s original offer was $30 per share which means the final offer of $40 per share was a 33% jump or about $3 billion. That, my friends, is not chump change.

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Google wants into the handset business in a big way… this deal gives them what they want. The unintended consequences of that are also that they get the cable-tv set-top box market at well. Crafty, since Microsoft tried & failed with webtv… so now google wants a shot at getting to the future of television AND mobile handsets. What screens won’t they be on, lol… windows 8?