Google improves terrorists bomb sighting

It appears that Google is now making it easier to track your friends or enemies with a new service. Just “OPT IN” on a cheap disposable device and terrorists will be able to know when they person they want to bomb has reached their prime location.

Iran could just mount it to their warheads and have a simple navigation system.

Everything than can be used by other people can also be used by terrorists, including roads, bridges, mail, telephone, public transportation, maps, food, water, air…

The terrorist angle used by politicians and media is getting old.

I.E.D.'s are old but still effective. Imagine if you knew when a person was going to be standing next to another person who you wished to assassinate and could set the timer off with just a phone call, this person not knowing they’ve been opted into this network, baboom. It isn’t paranoia on my part. It is just a reality. Cell phone activated bombs are old news but they are used all the time. Have you ever been near a bomb when it went off? I have, when I was 16, in England. An I.R.A. bomb when off about 50 feet from me. It destroyed the facade of the 6 story building.

Water, air, food, is a weak argument. homemade targeting devices is something we will hear more about. It’s the brain of the device. We are not talking about slingshots here. Autonomous devices, that is what I am talking about.

Zathros I really don’t think you can have understood that article you linked to. To use it, you have to sign up to the service; and what person worth assassinating is going to do that? You can even set your ‘location’ to something way different from the actual position.

Setting off bombs by mobile phone was being done ages before this new Google service, and I wonder why there is all this negative reporting - masquerading as ‘News’ - about terrorists employing things that the rest of us find useful. It’s a simple tautology; and pretty boring to see being trotted out all the time.

There are some positive aspects to this service, such as being able to see whether someone you care about has not managed to successfully make a trip, and if they haven’t, where they’re stuck. Sending rescue services, or merely travelling to help someone in difficulty, might be a beneficial application used far more times that for terrorist uses.

Sorry that you were in proximity to an IRA bomb, but I’m assuming that was a long time before mobile phones were in widespread use on this planet.

Yes, your right, my understanding after I read a better article lead me to belief it was a pretty innocuous service. I was going to post this and now post it as a reply to your statement. Having been in electronics , repairing all kinds of things to component level has taught me how people can make things for nefarious purposes out of common devices. When I was running a Flight Service Bureau at Danbury Ct. a person had asked me if i could arrange for a pilot to take him up so he could test a device that would sound a buzzer at a certain altitude. I said fine but I would have to have a couple of forms of I.D. for our records. The person said O.K., went to his car and never came back. Because of that our FBO was taken apart by the F.B.I. as this was 60 days before 9/11. As far as the I.R.A. bomb I still think to this day they waited till I got clear, I was a really young looking 16 year old at the time.
I think the reason that people here are nervous is because we are expecting another attack. I think most Americans believe it is just a matter of time. I have friends in HomeLand Security that tell me things are not being reported. I don’t know if this is good or bad but it tells me that there is stuff going on and we have huge unguarded borders. I don’t posts this kind of stuff to be sensational and will be more careful in the future.

It’s just that I figure that I could make something extremely functional and there are a lot of nefarious people who have more knowledge and evil intent, well it seems inevitable… When I heard this along with Iran’s launching of a ballistic missile it made me wonder when the next war is coming, or should I say, how soon, and what would trigger it. Most Americans until 9/11 could not imagine being near a terrorists act and the helpless feeling you have. I learned it in 1974, some did in 9/11 some far longer ago and some far more recently.

Of course someone setting up a device with the information they want on it and placing on your person or in your belongings unaware could do a lot. But other devices already exists for this.

Still if it still makes it easier for terrorist’s by just sighning
up for the service. It’s still a problem. One of the problems
in living in a free society is that you can’t have total security.
Just look at our borders. [and I am not talking about illegal
immigration?]. However , the problem of the president closing
guantanamo prison scares me more.
look he’s turning into someone guess who?

The one that cracks me up was the german errorist group that used an electric eye setup, made for preventing children from getting caught under automatic garage doors, to set off a bomb that killed a german industrialist.

it is yet another example that ANYTHING can be employed for evil purposes.

It kinda puts an interesting light on the (false) idea that private ownership of guns is inherently evil.


I hope private gun ownership isn’t evil or then I guess I fit the profile. I have only 2 rifles, a Winchester 94 30-30, and a Rueger 10/22, 2 pairs of nunchaku’s . My neighbor and close friend works for Homeland Security (because of my past work history I have had FBI clearance twice in my life) and all I can say is our neighborhood is well protected, most of my neighbors have guns of some sort and our town has a very small police force, only 2 on duty at any given time. We also have a local State Police Resident State Trooper, my cousin is a State Trooper also.

The fact that anything can be used means that people must observe people. When Timothy McVeigh was seen blowing up barrels of horsemanure bombs that should have rung a bell.

In my town any type of gunfire that located in a neighborhood area is promptly reported. You must have 1000 feet from your border of your property to legally discharge a weapon, not being used for self defense. People here are vigilant. Everyone knows who belongs in town and who is out of place, our town Population is approx. 14,000 people. Crime is low, except for teenage type vandalism which is in the normal range (some graffiti) but no violent crime or fighting or gang activity.

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

I guess I wasn’t the only wondering about alternate uses for this application.

I’m tired of being called evil by obama and those of his ilk.

I live in an “unincorporated area” there is one house between my house and a rifle range.

On an average saturday it sounds like “Beruit in the Poconos”

I can literally walk out my front door and let loose with a clip
of rifle ammo and not only would it not be commented on it
wouldn’t even be noticed.

For some odd reason there is no history of house burglaries here…


We have a couple of rifle ranges in town and a couple of “known” spots. It is primarily a residential area so we have to be a little more careful with the kiddies around, which is why we have guns to begin with, and the occasional venison. I can walk out my front door and pee though it pisses my wife off. Gotta go deeper in the woods for anything else, ahem.