Google finally losing it's edge?

I thought this was a very interesting story.

Indeed I have also noticed a decrease in relevent hits the last while.
Anyone else notice anything? Or should I be hung for such blashphemy? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive noticed this also, thankfully we have yahoo and alta-vista

As shown the article, I think I’m going to try out using for awhile. I just tried a few searches with it and the results were suprisingly good (better then google gasp). :iagree:

Seems like it spits out a lot more…uhm…“sponsored results”.

What about Dogpile? I think that they find results from different search engines.

Quote from Dogpile’s homepage:

Dogpile makes searching
more of the Web easier by
returning the best results
from these leading engines:
Google · Yahoo · Ask Jeeves
About · LookSmart · Teoma
Overture · Teoma · FindWhat

Dogpile uses innovative metasearch technology to search the Internet’s top search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, About, Teoma, FindWhat, LookSmart, and many more.

With one single click, Dogpile fetches the best results from the combined pool of the best search engines – instead of results from just one single search engine.

And Dogpile makes it easy to refine your search so you can find the most meaningful results right away. No wonder it’s the “Top Dog” of the search industry.