Google Fibre Live Now in Ca and Kansas

Google’s consumer-grade Internet,Google Fibre has gone live in Kansas City. We knew the service would offer decent Internet speeds at a highly affordable price — 1-gigabit speeds for only $70 per month– but early speed reports from real, live users are more impressive than some people actually expected.
Michael Demarais, founder of startup Threedee tweeted out a screen cap of a Google Fiber speed test, and the results are almost unbelievable: nearly 700Mbps download speed, and a little over 600Mbps upload speed. For comparison, I pay around $50 per month for Time Warner’s standard 30Mbps download and 1Mbps upload plan.
Demarais has said that, on an ethernet connection, he’s seen speeds consistently landing in between 600Mbps and 700Mbps, while wireless Though it was around a year and a half ago, Google’s in-house speeds were significantly slower than Google Fiber’s residential 1-gigabit offering. Whether or not Google has upgraded their in-house speeds since last March, it speaks to the rapidly growing landscape of Internet speeds that a cheap, consumer-grade offering blows an Internet giant’s speeds out of the water less than two years later.connections have reached around 200Mbps. He also noted that Google Fiber’s speed is so consistently fast, that wherever he ends up after Kansas City, his internet speed tolerance will be ruined. Demarais lives in an area of Kansas City that is becoming something of a hub for startups due to the availability of Google Fiber’s low-cost, high-speed plan. Hopefully, Google’s service will make its way to other parts of the world soon so we all don’t have to move to Missouri.
In March 2011, members of Google’s Chrome team participated in a Reddit in-house Internet speeds: