Google Earth Pro giveaway



Google Earth Pro is being given away at sharewareonsale.

I got it but for my use it’s not much different than the regular free Google Earth.
I know some people don’t like to register at sites like this but you do have to. So this isn’t an endorsement by me . I just thought some members might want this.


You can also get it here without having to register for anything.

Although the linked page provides for signing up and refers to a trial, there’s no need to do so. Just download the program from the link provided and register it with the code GEPFREE.


I got it straight from google and then they sent me the key for it but I did have to register which only took a few minutes, very nice of google to offer it I love using it i just never could afford it till now.

Now maybe Microsoft will give office 365 away for free don’t hold your breath though.:bigsmile: