Google dumps some Kazaa lite links-DMCA complaint filed



I just posted the article Google dumps some Kazaa lite links-DMCA complaint filed.

 Just saw this at Slashdot. It seems you will  have a problem now if you try to look up Kazaa light on Google.dioscaido writes "If you search Google for Kazaa Lite, you'll        find the...
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This is really getting out of hand. The program hasnt been ruled to be illegal in any sort of way. Now is the time someone from Kazaa should step up and sue Sherman Networks for an ungodly amount of money.


“Sherman networks”? or “Sharman networks” The way I understand this very confusing article is that the original Kazaa owners are against the modified Kazaa Lite, right? Someone make this clearer!


Good Eye DanDaMan! :wink: The poster meant Sharman Networks, owner of the Kazaa desktop software copyright, apparently they have had it with the “Lite” version. But they are just telling Google to kill links to the Lite software at this point. (phase one?) It is all in the complaint at the end of the article we posted. I will leave the quote be, as that is what the poster “said”. But I changed the headline. When I read the complaint, I came to the same conclusion you did, but I am not a legal mind.
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LOL! The complaint is even more informative than the search!!! :wink: Jamie

#6 don’t sue me:d


eek, and i thought the software patents in the EU were bad :Z


Since Sharman networks have released their ‘plus’ version, they figure that the only way to tempt downloader’s to go for it is to ditch that unofficial Kazaa-lite version. They probably had a thought something like “If the music industry is fighting off ‘free’ copies of their songs off the net, then why not try to boost our Kazaa plus sales by doing the same with the free unofficial Kazaa-lite application?” This has to be the first time I seen a file sharing tool company make use of the DMCA for this! It’s like fighting the music industry using the music industry’s own custom built weapon :d See the posting on "Sharman Networks launches premium ‘Kazaa Plus’ Software:
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I’d say the way google has dealt with this is excellent with the discloser of the complaint. They seem to have a clear policy. I think search engines should have special status on the internet. At some point we will outgrow the idea of URLs but if sites can be unlinked from search engines this will effectively erased them from the internet. yahoo: there is so much garbage on yahoo I don’t want to wade into it to find out. altavista: lists 3 or more of the sites in that complaint so good for them. msn: has one or more listed, makes me wonder if only google was asked to remove the links, I know M$ probably has an entire compliance department with thousands of people finding new ways to comply.


There’s always a proper way for people to search, and it’s all words. you can search for a link to a site containing KaZaA Lite and you’ll most probably get to a site having links to other sites and so on. If the straight way is blocked, take a detour, it’ll take a little bit longer, but you’ll still get to the destination.


Just done said search - the second link is a download for Kazaa Lite, plus info & links to the author’s homepage. So much for restricting the results. The PageRank system means that Google could never effectively block on Kazaa-Lite links.


I find it strange that they try to protect this in anticipation of their upcoming for-pay version. Who would pay to access a network best known for low quality files and being tracked by the RIAA?