Google drops Flash banner support in 2017 – but that isn’t the end of annoying ads



We’ve just posted the following news: Google drops Flash banner support in 2017 – but that isn’t the end of annoying ads[newsimage][/newsimage]

Google will no longer show Flash based advertisements on its own networks, Google Display Network and Doubleclick Digital Marketing. The search giant urges advertisers to replace Flash banners with their HTML5 equivalents.

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However it seems Google has started to recognize that annoying ads are bad, since September last year its Chrome browser automatically pauses Flash ads.

But the ultimate question is, and the question I wish I knew the answer. Is there a way to automatically pause HTML5 ads. These are the annoying ones.


I hope we can whitelist specific HTML5 elements for sound (ie: YouTube player, etc) and make sure anything else remains silent.


If there was one thing I hated about using the internet 10 years ago, was my entire computer slowing down to show some stupid Flash player ad, usually for some product that I don’t care about. I had an ad blocker at the time, but it didn’t do squat (I was using Avant Browser, which comes with an ad blocker pre-installed).

On one hand, I’m glad to see Flash ads being eliminated, but as far as resource consumption goes, I can’t imagine HTML5 will be too much better. But, with technologies such as NoScript, GreaseMonkey, and other addons, it’s entirely possible to block HTML5 videos you don’t want.