Google Drive to compete with Dropbox



Google Drive to compete with Dropbox.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Google is getting ready to launch its own cloud storage service, Google Drive, which will offer the first 5GB of storage for free.  It aims to compete with Dropbox with in-file, OCR based searches and cheaper storage add-ons.

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Wow that’s a phenomenal amount of online storage.

I wonder just how many organisations would have the need for 16TB though.



My ISP cap is 60 GB a month. No thanks, Google. HDDs for me.


My account was made active just a short while ago, so I decided to install the application. From what I can see, the application itself appears to work just like Dropbox in that it creates a “Google Drive” folder and anything placed in here is synced online, with a green tick mark on each file that successfully sync’d.

The one problem I have with Dropbox is that at work we use Dropbox to sync files with work colleagues on the move. What this means is that I can’t install a separate Dropbox for myself as only one Dropbox account can be configured with a specific PC. However, as Google Drive can be installed on a computer already running Dropbox, this gets around the issue, so I can use Dropbox for work stuff and Google Drive to sync my own stuff. :wink:

One feature I do notice missing is the ability to quickly restore a previous version. E.g. with Dropbox, I just right-click a file, select “Dropbox” and “View previous versions”, where as Google Drive files do not have this right-click option, i.e. I need to go into the web interface, find the file in there and then view revisions. Although I haven’t tested, I do wonder if revisions count towards the space usage, as Dropbox only counts the latest revision of every file against usage.


I just installed it on my PC at work and got a rather weird error just after I logged in to its service:

Yeah, whatever… :slight_smile: However, it seems to work fine. I ran a quick test by dropping in a new folder with a small photo. A few seconds later, it showed a green tick and when I remotely accessed my home PC, it automatically showed up there about 30 seconds later.


Google is finally catching up with the ‘third party’ developers. I used to use GMail Drive but Google kept making minor changes that would cripple it, so I gave up.