Google Dream Phone Makes Its Debut



NEW YORK - The long-awaited, breathlessly-rumored, Google-powered (and still unavailable until next month) G1 phone was unveiled today with a list price that undercuts Apple’s iPhone by $20 but with few design or software elements that had not been anticipated in the months geeks had to speculate about it.

The handset is made by HTC and the service is provided by T-Mobile – but the buzz is all about the completely open source Android platform developed by Google, which allows third party developers to create applications.

Indeed, it was the unadvertised appearance of Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin 45 minutes into what had been a routine presentation that energized the packed media room. The pair skated onto the stage wearing rollerblades, perhaps taking a cue from the legendary, crowd-pleasing marketing prowess of Apple’s Steve Jobs.

Article published over at Wired

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