Google Chrome: User comments

Dam that’s high.

Here is what I get, Running FF3, 64Bit Vista, Quad core - 20 tabs open.

Then I did it again 10 windows,10 tabs.



What add-ons are you using with Firefox 3?
My use is similar to Platinumsword’s, rarely get to the 70 MB ram range using only the add-ons listed in my post above and opening 10+ tabs.
I got to 64 MBs using Google Chrome opening only 4 tabs though.


What add-ons are you using with Firefox 3?..[/QUOTE]

only Downloaditall


The link posted in Post #17 was bad, I apologise.

Here is the corrected link:

Google Chrome’s Full List of Special about: Pages

4 reasons why Chrome will topple FF but not IE

[B]Portable Chrome[/B] can be found here:

Download size: 11.3 MBs
Installation size: 43.1 MBs

Changes #1., 2., & 3. in my OP.:smiley:

No internet connection required.
User controls install location.
Doesn’t auto-import bookmarks. (This can be done later, if the user wants.)

It works.:cool:

[QUOTE=deanimator;2122309]4 reasons why Chrome will topple FF but not IE[/QUOTE]

i just read that and honestly i dont think his point will happen about people that use Firefox leaving it for Chrome… some might, but im sure vast majority wont… so in the foreseeable future i dont think Chrome will pose any real threat to Firefox’s market share unlike the guy in the article claims… cause basically i think in general most of the people who use Firefox are more technical savvy then the average joe (i.e. the IE users) cause it’s like the guy in the article says, the vast majority of people who use computers probably wont bother or care to try anything else besides IE since in general it ‘just works’ and comes with there PC’s so for vast majority of people they probably dont care about alternative web browsers.

im a pretty big fan of Firefox as i been using it exclusively since a little prior to v1.0 release and aint looked back since… and i was looking at google’s Chrome browser with some video’s etc of it and even though some of it looks sorta cool i dont think ill be getting rid of Firefox anytime soon cause of ‘extensions’ that i use and would rather not live without.

so even if speed was a little better on browsers like Chrome etc i dont think it would be ‘noticeable’ enough to leave Firefox behind and use it cause of Firefox’s extentions (in my case i use 3… Adblock plus/NoScript/Tabscroller (tabscroller is one i definately dont want to live without as it makes switching between tabs more efficient once you get used to using it… it basically just makes it so i can hold down right mouse click and scroll with mouse wheel to instantly switch between open tabs instead of having to manually move the mouse pointer to the tab and click it… i.e. Tabscroller is more efficient)