Google Chrome tool bar Stealth installed?


Lately this last chrome update by sheer change I was checking my “Control Panel” and to my surprise I found that Chrome had installed a toolbar for Internet Explorer. But from my custom install I never let it install it when first installing it. So how did it get there when I never choose to let it install? I done checking from Chrome for update but I don’t recall seeing or getting notified to install a toolbar for IE. This was like a no way how did this happen. Even my Desktop with similar setup showed no Google Toolbar. I quickly removed and CCleaner any leftover of it. After doing that check agian with the latest Chrome update and nothing showed up. So how was it that it was able to Stealth install a toolbar into IE from Chrome update check? So now both laptop are clean of the malware Google Toolbar. Now I have to watch again should I redo my system image.