Google Chrome now blocks Flash trackers by default

We’ve just posted the following news: Google Chrome now blocks Flash trackers by default[newsimage][/newsimage]

Google’s Chrome browser now blocks Flash trackers on websites by default. The measure is part of Chrome 53 and is part of the plan to block more Flash content to protect users against malware attacks, enhance privacy and to improve website performance.

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There still is trouble in paradise now isn’t it? It is called Google.

While I appreciate their current work in making their browser more secure, it continues to report your every move to Google and so it still gets the thumb down. My clear advice to all Chrome users: Use only in a sandboxed session and empty the sandbox between sessions. Being that it is Google, even that may not be enough to protect your privacy entirely, still it is better than nothing.

You can always use the open-source Chromium browser which Chome is based on. It doesn’t come with Flash support neither.

I use Firefox but don’t have Flash installed. The only site that causes problems for me is Ticketmaster. Their seat selection uses Flash. Without it I have to settle for their auto-selected 'best available" tickets.

More than 90% of all Flash content is loaded behind the scenes and is used for analytics or to track users, according to Google.
The same could probably be said of HTML5. Google knows they don’t need Flash to track users, since HTML5 and JavaScript can quite easily do the trick. Google probably figures if they can do it, so can others.[QUOTE=Xercus;2780235]There still is trouble in paradise now isn’t it? It is called Google.[/QUOTE]I couldn’t have said it better myself.