Google Chrome ends automatically playing Flash ads annoyance



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Google will automatically pause Flash banners in its Chrome browser and only play them when users actually want to see them. The change will become in effect on the 1st of September and should increase the performance of the browser and increase battery life on e.g. laptops.

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Thank god, And I say this when I am not bothered about battery life. What I am bothered about is when I have my speakers up loud from looking at something on youtube in one tab and open another new tab and all of a sudden get the fright of my life as an advert starts automatically on that page.Â

They seem to have the volume turned right up on those flash ads


Somehow, I don’t think this will help make the web any more usable. After all, all one has to do to ensure his/her/their ads are just as annoying is simply use HTML5 videos, which many are already doing. So, instead of annoying Flash ads, we have annoying HTML5 ads. That said, HTML5 ads could exploit vulnerabilities in one’s web browser, instead of exploiting Flash vulnerabilities.