Google Changes Policy on Search Records

Google Changes Policy on Search Records

"SAN FRANCISCO, March 14 — Web search companies collect records of the searches people conduct, a fact that has long sparked fears among privacy advocates and some Internet users that this valuable personal data could be misused.

Now Google is taking a step to ease those concerns. The company keeps logs of all searches, along with digital identifiers linking them to specific computers and Internet browsers. It said on Wednesday that it would start to make those logs anonymous after 18 to 24 months. Under current practices, the company keeps the logs indefinitely"

Hmm … what ever happened to those Pentium 3 CPU ID’s … what’s that? Every CPU’s got one now? Err … so when you surf those porn sites, they can remember your CPU!

User: Officer! Honestly it wasn’t me.
Police: Pass me your drivers license, social security number, CPU ID and your pink slip … err … google logs.

If they don’t trace you one way, they’ll trace you another.


LOL !!! You people are paranoid ! Everything you do on the internet is logged in a way at your ISP, all type of connections and requests along with IP, even Microsoft is keeping logs and you don’t know it - google is keeping statistical logs, it’s not as if they have your phone numbers and SS# and will call you in the middle of the night asking why you visited cartoon or animal porn :smiley: You have no concerns unless you have something to hide - if it serves to catch online predators and criminals I’m all for it, but it isn’t used for that effect yet - What the hell are you people going to say when they start FORCING you to implant RFIDs into your skin (and eventually deep inside your brain so deep not even a miracle can remove it :smiley: ?

Who’s paranoid… :smiley:

Just because they have already implanted a device in my brain, it doesn´t mean I am paranoid!

LOL RFID chips are REALITY nothing to do with paranoia, one day it will be REQUIRED BY LAW to be implanted in everyone who travels - Remember, the mark of the beast. It’s coming soon folks :slight_smile:
Google search logs should be the last of your worries ;/

‘Murder,’ She Googled

"[B]Google search history is evidence in trial[/B] of New Jersey woman accused of murdering her husband.

A New Jersey woman on trial for murdering her husband in April 2004 did a Google search on the phrase “How to commit murder,” exactly 10 days before she allegedly shot him to death, according to a digital technology expert, who worked for the New Jersey State Police.

Melanie McGuire, 33, also did searches on Google and MSN for “undetectable poisons,” “fatal digoxin levels,” “instant poisons,” “toxic insulin levels,” “how to purchase guns illegally,” how to find chloroform," “fatal insulin doses,” “poisoning deaths,” “where to purchase guns illegally,” “gun laws in PA,” “how to purchase guns in PA,” and “where to purchase guns without a permit,” according to Seymour’s court testimony."

See what can happen from using Google. :bigsmile:

I’m gonna have to dig out that old Pentium2, or K6 CPU and leech off someones unprotected wireless internet connection :stuck_out_tongue: