Google Books ruled fair use by US court



We’ve just posted the following news: Google Books ruled fair use by US court
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Google should never have been forced to fight this long to get these results. We need to re-write fair use in order to make a stronger law that’s easier to understand. Having to spend more than a decade deciding whether or not something is fair use is not acceptable. Then again, neither is the extraordinary length of most copyrights in America, but that’s not going to change.


I think this is a great decision and I hope the Supreme Court upholds this if the challenge continues.

TBH I think the copyright holders are being very narrow minded in this case as any book that Google makes available this way is instantly more accessible and potential buyers get to read a sample of the book which if they like it enhances sales.

After all, what’s the difference between this and walking into a bookstore and browsing the book, other than it’s accessible to even more people? :confused:

I just don’t understand their arguments against Google and clearly the Court agrees.