Google blocks Youtube on Amazon products in ongoing fight

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Google has blocked Youtube on several Amazon devices. The video service will no longer be available on the Amazon Echo Show and Fire TV. The move is part of an escalating fight between both technology giants.

Amazon are the one’s setting a “disappointing precedent” by refusing to sell Google products, even those that don’t compete with Amazon’s own products. They even stop marketplace sellers selling those products and the marketplace is supposed to be free and open. Then we have their refusal to allow cast support in the Prime Video app, something thousands of users have been crying out for.

Sadly this tit for tat does not help consumers but Amazon should take a look at themselves before whining about others.

I honestly have no respect for either company. I can’t say I’m ever remotely surprised by this childish display of stupidity, nor am I surprised by the fact that neither company seems to care about the customers they are supposed to be serving. I honestly feel like this is an argument between kindergartners:

“Mommy, he blocked me!”
“Well he blocked me first!”
“No I didn’t!”
“Yes you did!”

I just want to tell them both to knock it the hell off and start behaving.

For sure, neither one is blameless here. I just think it’s a bit rich for Amazon to complain about Google setting a precedent when they are doing the same, or in the case of actually refusing to sell and even refusing to allow others to sell Google related products, even worse.