Google asks American Firefox users to switch back from Yahoo



We’ve just posted the following news: Google asks American Firefox users to switch back from Yahoo[newsimage][/newsimage]

After Yahoo became the default search engine for American Firefox users, Google is trying to win them back.

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Changed mine back as soon as I noticed they switched it. My Tablet running Dolphin did it too and I switched it as well. I used to use Yahoo back in the day but Google works well now so I’m sticking with it.


Google wanting Firefox users back is all fine and dandy but hardly worth the effort of Google draping that garish (“please switch back”) blue bar across the Google search page since most users will use or switch back to Google Search as their home page anyway. Now my Firefox home page has always been set to Google Search but apparently Google can’t detect this since that garish blue bar drapes itself across the top of my Google Search (home) page every time I open the browser. Go figure.


I never left google ,never cared for yahoo .So glad they got their suff together and worked it out.I could never find anything with yahooie.


I don’t know what it is about yahoo, but yahoo search results just grate with me.


That’s odd I never had that happen to my laptops or desktop or families computers laptop when updating firefox. Guess I am doing something right… :cool:


I always use Google and I have no desire to use Yahoos search engine I imediately switched search engines back to google.:slight_smile:


changed my as soon as it happen also changed it on all other computers I worked on