Google announces new free file and photo cloud backup tool

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Google today announced that it will launch a tool called “Backup and Sync” by the end of this month. The application, targeted at regular consumers, can be used to backup files and photos to Google’s servers. Users can set which folders need to be backuped to Google’s servers.

On Ubuntu, you can install a third-party fuse-based Google Drive client (a quick web search shows two such programs on github). I haven’t tried these clients (because I don’t trust “cloud” storage services), but fuse-based filesystem implementations generally allow filesystem to be mounted transparently.

That said, if you wish use this client to backup a directory, rsync is a good way to do so, as it compares backups to originals, this allowing you to only update only files/folders that have changed. This could be used in a chron script, allowing you to make automatic backups in the background.

And the NSA and FSB are drooling over this as well. I trust cloud about much as I can unload something from my bottom on the toliet.