Google announces Chromebook Pixel



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Google’s announces its latest hardware venture, the Google Chromebook Pixel

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Chrome OS … It will be interesting to see how this whole concept works.

Since the specs above are unreadable, I’ve reposted them below.

The notable thing about the chrome book is that it only has enough space on the laptop (32GB or 64GB SSD) to boot the OS, and a few gigabytes of storage for basic tasks like surfing the internet, temporary files and etc … and then Everything is in the cloud.

Google are basically promoting subscription services and/or consumerism on a permanent basis.

The chromebook comes with 3 years of free 1TB cloud storage space, after which you either throw the chrome book away and buy new (with free storage), or you start paying for your cloud storage space.

The 12 free sessions of gogo inflight internet is decent for most people, but grossly inadequat for regular business fliers.

The 100MB per month of LTE is also grossly inadequate for … anything … given that nearly everything is “in the cloud”. I figure that it would suffice maybe 5-10hrs of average PC use … or 5 minutes of Standard Definition YouTub’ing …


Even with a higher amount of internet connectivity available to me (for most of the year), I would not be thrilled to have everything in the cloud just yet. I still desire local media for most everything. Music, movies, pictures… relying on a flaky connection (relative to local storage) for those things doesn’t sit well with me and my impatience. But I suppose I’m more attached to my devices than most, and I suppose I’m set in my usage patterns.

I suppose the business model proposed with the Chrome OS devices must appeal to some consumers. For me, it’s more complementary, like the way I’d use a tablet device. If other consumers see a greater value in somewhat reliable cloud services, more power to them. I’m not that far along the evolutionary chain yet. :wink:

Regardless, it’s good to see that the hardware is not like before (when it came across as more of a toy or a hobby than a useful tool in and of itself).


Albert I’m the same way. I want my stuff on my equipment. The Clouds have too many thunder storms.