Google announces Chrome OS

I just posted the article Google announces Chrome OS.

A new operating system from Google is being designed for people who spend most of their computing time on the Internet.

Chrome OS is an open-source operating system that will target netbooks…

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It’s not a new OS. It’s just another Linux distro. Like we don’t have enough of them already. Of all the latest Linux iterations, Moblin looks the most promising so far for a netbook. Sadly, it does not have bluetooth yet and bugs out the ass.

What the Linux community or someone really ought to do, is pick one freakin distro and put all their effort into it.

As long as the effort is so fragmented, nothing will ever catch on. I wish Google would have thrown support and money towards Moblin. then stuck their browser in with it. this is what it is all about- the default search engine that comes with the default “OS” browser.

Google wants to pull the same thing that MS does with IE. They don’t want to pay for the spot like they must with Mozilla. I think they pay hundreds of millions of dollars for the honor of being installed with the browser over the course of a few years. Could be wrong, I forget now what they paid.

When you get right down to it, if a device was made to just mainly surf the net and Google owned the distro and the browser- they should just give the computer to you.

Fragmentation isn’t a problem with open source apps. The distros mix and match whatever they feel is best for their customers. They call it “coopetition”. If you compare that to what bundled crapware OEMs are shipping with Windows, the variety of Linux distros doesn’t look like much of a problem.