“Google and Microsoft pay Adblock Plus developer for whitelisting advertisements”



We’ve just posted the following news: “Google and Microsoft pay Adblock Plus developer for whitelisting advertisements”[newsimage]http://static.myce.com//images_posts/2014/07/adblockplus_512-95x75.png[/newsimage]

Microsoft and Google have paid the German developer of the popular Chrome and Firefox extension AdBlock Plus to whitelist their advertisements, according to the Financial Times.

            Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/google-and-microsoft-pay-adblock-plus-developer-for-whitelisting-advertisements-74707/](http://www.myce.com/news/google-and-microsoft-pay-adblock-plus-developer-for-whitelisting-advertisements-74707/)

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To me it seems like this extension would probably be better titled “Adblock Plus Ads” :wink:


This is pretty how the maffia works as well!


I don’t frequent Microsoft sites so I can’t speak to that but I use Google search all the time and I haven’t noticed any ads. Though I did uncheck the box to allow non-intrusive advertising.


what’s the point of having ad removing software if big name companies can then have their ads whitelisted? the idea is to remove the ads because they are so damned annoying and do me no good at all. i’m not interested in the effect they have.have not on mS or any other company. the aim is to make my experience as good as it can be. this back stab is definitely NOT helping at all!! as for the developer, he needs to feel the wrath of the users by having the all uninstalled and discarded!


An advertising supported free ad blocker. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

They started boasting about allowing acceptable advertising a while ago - now we know how they define acceptable. :rolleyes:

Unless they were open and upfront about what was going on, they deserve to be sued.


Anyone know of a good free alternative to Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer?

There doesn’t seem to be much choice, most of the alternatives are Firefox & Chrome only, commercial or no longer being developed.

I normally use Adblock (not Plus) & Opera, but elsewhere in the house Internet Explorer is the norm. And given the nature of so many adverts, an ad blocker is an essential security feature.


ABP was indeed open and up front about this. They also include an option in “Filter preferences” to not allow these so-called “non-intrusive” ads (you just un-check the "Allow “non-intrusive” ads check box and all ads will be blocked). If APB were to remove this option then I would switch to AdBlock Edge (fork of ABP without the allowed “non-intrusive” ads. Until then, I’ll stick with ABP and let Google and Microsoft pay ABP developers for nothing.


Calling them “non-intrusive” is blatant deception.

They talk about allowing some non-intrusive adverts to aid website owners who rely on advertising revenue (like this place).

“Sponsored adverts” would me more accurate. They are saying ‘pay us and we will let you through’.

Imagine if other common filtering software started doing this? What if, by default, an anti-virus company started accepting payment to ignore adware on your couputer?

Far fetched? They have already been doing this with government spyware for years.


I see a ad or pop up that sneaks through I manually add it anyways so I’ll continue to use it as long as the non intrusive box and being able to manually add things is available. Too bad the Android version doesn’t work near as well if at all.
Only time I see ads is on my tablet and phone.


The list of white-listed content is readily available in the ad-on and easy to eliminate.
This is really no big deal, especially considering the tons of crap it does remove.


One of my most important reasons for installing an ad blocker is to avoid Google’s ads, as Google is known to use those ads to spy on everyone. How better to track which webpages everyone on the web visits, without technically installing “adware”? By inserting trackers into as much of the web as possible, that’s how. I doubt ABP Edge will do that, and if they do, I’ll install something else.