Google and antivirus software have started to warn for popular uTorrent software



We’ve just posted the following news: Google and antivirus software have started to warn for popular uTorrent software[newsimage][/newsimage]

Both Google as several antivirus vendors have started to warn users that the popular uTorrent client is potentially harmful software.

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I don’t know why the UTorrent developers think people will actually stand for this kind of crap. There are plenty of other bit
torrent programs that a user can use, switching probably wouldn’t be hard for most users.


The software has more than 100 million users worldwide. Several antivirus vendors have started to warn for the software as it now bundles OpenCandy adware. VirusTotal shows that in total 7 virus scanners, including ESET, Symantec and G-Data show a warning about uTorrent.

I can say number of users is bigger then what is being told. Like I use Eset, Symantec they are so bloatware and malware infested already anyone using them should get banned. Google just doesn’t get it…torrent is here to stay and try as they might it is going to out live Google. When the “Horse is Out of The Barn” mantra is really late in coming. If Google does more to stop PORN, PEDOfilers, and sex trafficing that would improve their image alot more. What they are doing is a loosing battle they should stick their nose into some like what I mentioned that would help more then going after utorrent software that is just that the software it’s up to the users that determine what it does. It’ like “Let’s Shoot the Messenger” without really thinking what did we really accomplish? Basically “ZERO”…effort…