Google ads scams

The Google ads on this forum and even right on the front page of are loaded with scam ads.

The model they pretty much all follow is a large block of text describing how most of the DVD copy programs you’d find using Google are crap, scams, etc. They then say they tested hundreds of these programs, and only found three that “actually work.”

They then list the three programs, but they are no different than what they just finished describing in their large block of text.

Just in posting this message, three of these links came up:

Why use Google ads when they are loaded with all these scam sites?

  • Someone*
    Has to pay the bills .

Bottom line. Dont click a link that you dont want to.

The point is not that I personally am “offended by the ads,” the point is that a newbie type user might come to the site and click those links, and make an uninformed decision to purchase one of these inferior programs, which goes against the spirit of the forums (or so I thought).

In my opinion a newbie dosent have to mean Ignorant.
I an a Newbie every time I click a new site .

That’s why the forum is here :wink: Newbies can ask, if they can’t use a search for “Best Burning program” :wink:

Alright then, I guess these scam ads are OK with people. I apologize for making the thread.

No need to take things personal, most of these scam burning apps are throghout the forum if you do a search.