Google adds new advertisement format to Youtube

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Google has announced a new type of advertisements on Youtube during Advertising Week in New York. The advertisements not only shows the advertised product of service, but also allows users to directly purchase them without leaving the video streaming service.

So when will they pay me back to waste my precious mobile bandwidth?

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I was surprised to see the addition of multiple ads on Youtube where you receive an advertisement and then your content starts playing and after a certain amount of time another advertisement pops up and plays before returning to the content.

At least my custom hosts edit is working overtime killing those ads. I seen them but they don’t load and you can tell there was a ad but it is just clear and I just “x” to close them.

In other words, Google invented a way to increase mass consumerism even more. That’s just what the world needs.:rolleyes:

There is one thing I’d really like to know: what kinds of “additional analytics” will Google provide, and how does Google get that data. (I think it’s safe to say Google gets that data through surveillance, but what specifically do they do?)