Goofie Event ID 9,11,51 errors

I honestly have no idea exactly when this started or waht I loaded to screw everything up, but heres my delemina. I purchased a plextor 712SA the end of Janurary. The drive worked flawlessly for almost 2 months. About March 25 my computer started boggign down big time. I noticed I was getting Event ID 11 errors. So i figured the CD was bad. I took out the CD and everythign speed back up. Well I check the CD in another drive. It worked without a hitch. So, I tried several other disks. The event log started filling up quick. I fact on some CD it would lock the computer up and fll the event ID up with event 11s. I check the CDs in 2 different drives ont eh computer and my laptop and I did nto recieve the errors. I noticed there was a newer firmware version and I updated the drive. The errors didn’t no change. So, I figured I most have loaded soethig interfering with my SATA controlled. I changed controllers and I kep recieving the same errors.

Funny thing is I reinstalled the operating system hopefully solve the problem and what I noticed with no drivers installed I get no errors. When I start installing drivers I start getting errors. Nothing I am installing is new no noew drivers, programs everything the same as the begining of march when I updated a critial patch.

Is there anyway to read the event log to see what the error is?
Most of the errors are Bad blocks, or paging errors.