I have a Goodmans GHDD177DVDR but it will do nothing for me when i turn it on error 945 comes up on the screen but nothing will work the drawer will not open the remote will not work anything it will not ever turn off i have to plug it out to get it to go off can anyone help thanks


There doesn’t seem to be anything in the manual or online that refers to this type of error so it could be the case that it needs repaired.

Is there a disc stuck inside the machine?



Dont no if there is a disc in it or not. but this happened about a year ago before but got it working again but cant remember what i did. Have read the manual but there was a quick setup guide came with it butcant find that Thanks anyway Wombler for your reply. Patrick123


No problem but it would be better if we could get you up and running again.

We still don’t know what that error 945 means so it could be a problem with an inserted disc.

Try pressing the eject button immediately as you power on to see if you can get the tray to open.